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Thema: Far Cry Primal Update v1.03 PS4 - PRELUDE

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    Far Cry Primal Update v1.03 PS4 - PRELUDE


    8 Files - 790 MB - PKG - Multi EN,DE - PAL

    • DIE STEINZEIT VON FAR CRY: Das vielseitige Setting in der Steinzeit bietet eine völlig neue Spielumgebung angefüllt mit den unvorhersehbaren Auseinandersetzungen, unberechenbaren Gefahren und unglaublichen Geschichten, für die Far Cry berühmt ist.

    • WEHRE DICH GEGEN DAS AUSSTERBEN: Du übernimmst die Rolle von Takkar, einem erfahrenen Jäger und dem letzten Überlebenden seiner Gruppe. Du hast nur ein Ziel: Überlebe in einer Welt, in der du die Beute bist.

    Stellt euch der ultimativen Herausforderung im Überlebensmodus für ein noch realistischeres Erlebnis mit weniger Ressourcen und einer Ausdaueranzeige. Wenn euch diese Hürde immer noch nicht hoch genug erscheint, könnt ihr den permanenten Tod einschalten und erhaltet nur eine Chance zu überleben. Wenn ihr sterbt, ist das Spiel vorbei.

                                       ██▓███   ██▀███  ▓█████  ██▓     █    ██ ▓█████▄ ▓█████
                                      ▓██░  ██▒▓██ ▒ ██▒▓█   ▀ ▓██▒     ██  ▓██▒▒██▀ ██▌▓█   ▀
                                      ▓██░ ██▓▒▓██ ░▄█ ▒▒███   ▒██░    ▓██  ▒██░░██   █▌▒███
                                      ▒██▄█▓▒ ▒▒██▀▀█▄  ▒██  ▄ ▒██░    ▓▓█  ░██░░▓█▄   ▌▒██  ▄
                                      ▒██▒ ░  ░░██▓ ▒██▒░▒████▒░██████▒▒▒█████▓ ░▒████▓ ░▒████▒
                                      ▒▓▒░ ░  ░░ ▒▓ ░▒▓░░░ ▒░ ░░ ▒░▓  ░░▒▓▒ ▒ ▒  ▒▒▓  ▒ ░░ ▒░ ░
                                      ░▒ ░       ░▒ ░ ▒░ ░ ░  ░░ ░ ▒  ░░░▒░ ░ ░  ░ ▒  ▒  ░ ░  ░
                                      ░░         ░░   ░    ░     ░ ░    ░░░ ░ ░  ░ ░  ░    ░   
                                                  ░        ░  ░    ░  ░   ░        ░       ░  ░
    ░                                                  PRELUDE PROUDLY PRESENTS                                                 ░
    ░                                          Far.Cry.Primal.Update.v1.03.PS4-PRELUDE                                          ░
    ░ Size ...................: 800.99MB                          ░ Platform .......: PS4                                       ░
    ░ Title ID ...............: CUSA-03309                        ░ Release Date ...: 20-11-2018                                ░
    ░ Region .................: Europe                            ░ Format .........: PKG                                       ░
    ░ IGN Score ..............: Good (7.9)                        ░ Genre ..........: Action / Adventure                        ░
    ░ Language ...............: Multi                             ░ Firmware .......: 3.00                                      ░
    ░ Audio ..................: EN                                ░ Subtitles ......: EN,DA,DE,ES,FI,FR,IT,KO,NL,NO,PO,PT,SV,ZH ░
    ░ Files ..................: 17 x 50MB                         ░ Version ........: 1.03                                      ░
    ░ Year ...................: 2016                              ░ PRO Enhanced ...: No                                        ░
    ░ PSN Required ...........: No                                ░ VR Support .....: No                                        ░
    ░ Developer ..............: Ubisoft Montreal                  ░ Source .........: PSN Update                                ░
    ░ Publisher ..............: Ubisoft Entertainment             ░ Url ............:               ░
    ░ Description                                                                                                               ░
      *** Update / Patch v1.03 ***
        1. NEW - Survivor Mode
         a. Available in New Gameplay Options when starting a New Game
         b. New - Stamina Bar added 
         i. Stamina depletes slowly during gameplay
         ii. Stamina depletes faster when walking/running/being in combat
         iii. Fast travel consumes stamina
         iv. Stamina can be regenerated by sleeping and eating food recipes
         v. Manual heal and fast travel costs stamina
         vi. Low stamina slows down movement and health regen. At 0 stamina, manual heal and fast travel are disabled
         c. Tamed Beasts
         i. New - Permadeath for Tamed Beasts
         1. If a Beast dies, the player must find and tame a new one
         2. This also applies to Legendary Beasts, they can never be found again if they die
         3. Skinning a Beast after they die gives you a skin
         ii. New - Beast riding fatigue introduced - After some time of continuous riding, mounted Beast will start taking damage
         iii. In order to activate the taming option for Sabretooth Tigers, Brown Bears and Cave Bears, you must first inflict
              them serious damage
         iv. Non-legendary tamed Beasts health has been reduced
         v. Owl attacks and bomb drops have been disabled
         d. World/Resources
         i. Less natural resources are available in the world and less are looted when gathering
         ii. Less daily resources added to the Reward Stash from Wenja population level
         iii. Resources in the Reward Stash can only be withdrawn at the Village Stash
         iv. Requirements for rare animal skins have been reduced when upgrading huts
         v. Night lasts longer and is darker
         vi. Campfire Fast Travel points are no longer unlocked by default when claiming a bonfire
         e. Skills
         i. XP Curve has been adjusted to be more progressive
         ii. Certain "over-powered" skills have been removed
         iii. Effects of other skills have been re-balanced
         iv. Skill points cost has been rebalanced
         f. Gameplay
         i. Bow tension added requiring players to pull back the arrow all the way to get maximum impact
         ii. Weapon durability has been tweaked to be more realistic when thrown weapons hit hard or soft surfaces
         iii. Weapons are consumed more quickly by fire
         iv. Less slow-motion effect from the Weapon Wheel, Food Grid and Beast Grid
         v. Crafting ammo in the Weapon Wheel now requires a hold to craft
         vi. Most bag capacity has been reduced
         vii. PlayerÆs health regen speed has been reduced
         viii. Some healing recipes now require red leaves in addition to green leaves
         ix. Cold depletion rate has been increased
         x. Fully upgraded Winter Clothes no longer offer total protection from the cold
         xi. Weapons on fire will extinguish when swapping between weapons (Expert difficulty only)
         xii. Fast Travel now costs Stamina and Meat, proportionally to distance
         xiii. Mini-map has been removed
         xiv. Shaders on tagged enemies have been removed
         xv. Several UI options have been set to off by default to increase immersion, (but can be re-enabled)
         xvi. Hunter Vision duration has been set to 20s be default (duration can now be modified in the settings)
         xvii. Fog of war reveal radius has been reduced
         xviii. Can only Save & Quit when not in Combat
         xix. Game difficulty cannot be changed once started in Survivor Mode with Permadeath
         g. AI/Wildlife
         i. Enemies are more reactive and aggressive in combat
         ii. Wildlife detects you more easily
         iii. Blood trails from wounded animals are harder to track
         iv. Reduced overall animal density during the day, and increased density of predators at night
         v. Reduced human density and frequency of Wenja events
         vi. Wenja fighters are less resilient
         vii. Predators no longer show up in Hunter Vision unless they are aggressive toward the player, dead or a Tamed Beast
         viii. Reduced health for Legendary Beasts, Batari and Ull
        2. NEW - Permadeath
         a. Available in New Gameplay Options when starting a New Game with Survivor Mode turned On
         b. Three Options Available - Off, On, Second Chance
         i. Off - You respawn when you die
         ii. On - The game is over when you die
         iii. Second Chance - You only respawn if you completed enough of the game since your last death,
              (every 5% as depicted in the player's overall progress)
         iv. Failing during Tensay's Vision missions does not count as dying. (You're dreaming after all)
        3. Stability and Performance
         a. Fixed an issue where player could lose their inventory when swapping weapons in specific conditions
         b. Fixed some specific, low occurrence crashes
        4. Gameplay
         a. New Option in Gameplay Menu - Hunter Vision Duration - Can toggle the duration of Hunter Vision
        5. Lighting and FX
         a. Fixed a lighting issue on bodies of water that would cause color to briefly change when exiting caves
         b. Minor fixes to clipping issues
        6. Wildlife and AI
         a. Various bug fixes
        7. Missions/Activities/World
         a. Fixed an issue where players could exit the map in the mission - Vision of Ice
         b. Fixed an issue where players could exit the map in Shayu's Cave
         c. Fixed a couple issues where players could get stuck in the Dangu Cave
         d. Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in an infinite death loop after completing the mission - Into Udam Land
         e. Fixed some resources that would cause the player to become stuck in the map when gathering them
         f. Fixed an issue where Bite Fish weren't spawning in certain locations on the map
         g. Fixed an issue where player could get stuck in the falling obelisk outside of the Batari's Temple in
            the Izila Homeland
        8. Menu/UI/Map
         a. Fixed an issue that would cause one of the life bars to flicker in specific conditions
         b. Fixed an issue where a "Location Discovered" prompt would remain on screen during cut-scenes in specific situations
         c. Fixed an issue where some icons remained on screen when using the "Turn All Off" option in the Interface menu
      *** Update / Patch v1.02 ***
        1. Stability and Performance
         a. Improved performance and stability
         b. Fixed low occurrence specific crashes
        2. Gameplay
         a. Improved the overall difficulty of a mission
         b. Fixed an edge case issue where the XP is not updated
         c. Fixed issue where the kills from companion animals does not update under specific condition
         d. Fixed a bug where a weapon switched automatically when using the speed boost
         e. Fixed a rare issue where the player is vulnerable when trying to heal
         f. Fixed a low occurrence issue where the player is unable to loot
         g. Fixed an issue where the player can be teleport outside the mission zone when riding any animals
         h. Fixed issues with Hardsave not functional if the user performs specific action
         i. Fixed a trophy update issue when taming one of the beasts
         j. Fixed a player's movement issue when capturing an outpost
         k. Fixed a 2 seconds freeze when player pauses the game during few specific animations
         l. Fixed a waterfall effect issue during a cinematic
         m. Fixed an edge case issue where the player cannot pet smaller companions
         n. Fixed an issue where the "heal beast" and "ride" actions does not always work on sloping terrain
         o. Fixed a blood trail visual issue when using the hunting vision
        3. Lighting and FX
         a. Fixed some lighting issues in specific areas
        4. Wildlife and AI
         a. Improved the AI navigation in a specific outpost
         b. Fixed low occurrence navigation issues with the companions
         c. Fixed some edge case animation issues with animals and companions
        5. Missions/Activities/World
         a. Fixed Missions and Activities blockers when performing specific actions
         b. Fixed few spawning issues with the players and specific animals
         c. Fixed an issue where the player can complete one of the mission twice
         d. Fixed issues where the player can't climb a vine when performing certain actions
         e. Fixed edge case issues where the player can remain stuck if he interacts with stones and plants
         f. Fixed an issue where the player is unable to fast travel
         g. Fixed objective issues when performing specific actions
         h. Fixed edge cases navigation issues in the World
        6. Menu/UI/Map
         a. Added an option to not show enemies in the minimap
         b. Added a button to disable the HUD option
         c. Added new tutorial page to match description and picture
         d. Fixed an issue where a button is misplaced in the reward stash
         e. Fixed some displaying issues with the HUD and the World Map
         f. Fixed an issue where a fail prompt does not appear under specific conditions
         g. Fixed an issue where the XP prompt remains present on the HUD
         h. Fixed icons issues in specific activities
         i. Fixed few minor issues where a waypoint is not displayed properly
         j. Fixed an issue where the outpost counter does not update
         k. Added a visual guideline for one of the trophies
        7. Audio
         a. Fixed a sound issue with burning fire during the playgo
         b. Added a missing SFX during a specific Quick Time Event attack
         c. Added a missing Audio line during a cinematic
        8. Localization/Text
         a. Fixed issues when subtitles go past menu borders in some languages
         b. Fixed an issue where collectibles text can be overlapped by an event notification
         c. Added missing subtitles when skipping a cinematic
         d. Fixed incorrect messages appearing on screen after specific actions
      *** Update / Patch v1.01 ***
        1. Stability & Performance
         a. Improved performance and stability
         b. Improved lighting and exposure
        2. Weapons & HUD
         a. Fixed timing specific visual glitches on weapon HUD
        3. Wildlife & AI
         a. Fixed low repro companion navigation issues
         b. Fixed various edge case animation issues
         c. Improved mammoth visual on object destruction
         d. Improved animal behaviour when triggering a fight
        4. Design & progression
         a. Tweaked and balanced XP rewards
         b. Fixed damage ratio after using a recipe
         c. Improved overall balancing for economy and buffs
        5. Gameplay
         a. Fixed timing specific issues with lit weapons during animations
         b. Fixed issues with lit weapons during cinematics at night
         c. Improved player navigation and small collision issues
         d. Improved camera transition and minor collision issues on cinematics
         e. Tweaked NPC spawn locations
         f. Improved companion behaviour 
    ░ Notes                                                                                                                     ░
      Once again, another MarvTM release without ANY updates (1.00) - 'Far.Cry.Primal.PS4.EUR.CFW.405-MarvTM'.
      Here's our latest game version (1.03) release. Enjoy it!
      Tip: When a game contains an update the option 'Update History' will be available once selected the game and pressed
      'Options' button, by selecting it will list all game versions and changes made, if that option is not available it means
      NO UPDATES (1.00) are in the game!!!
      Do make quality releases on SCENE and ALWAYS follow section rules!!!
      Requires 'Far.Cry.Primal.PS4.EUR.CFW.405-MarvTM' installation.
      In order to play this game you will need:
        1. A PS4 with Firmware 4.05, 4.55 or 5.05.
        2. A computer running the PS4 Exploit Host:

    ░ Installation                                                                                                              ░
        1. Format your USB drive to exFAT file system.
        2. Copy the .pkg file to the root of your USB drive.
        3. Plug your USB drive to one of the USB ports of your PS4.
        4. On your PS4, go to 'Settings' => 'User's Guide/Helpful Info' => 'User's Guide'.
        5. The exploit selection should appear, start one of the HEN exploits.
        6. Go to 'Debug Settings' => 'Game' => 'Package Installer' and install .pkg file.
        7. Start the game and...
        8. Enjoy it!!!
    ░\o_                                                  PRELUDE  --  TEAM                                                  _o/░


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