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Thema: Sega Dreamcast Games Collection - Hyperspin Project

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    Sega Dreamcast Games Collection - Hyperspin Project

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Dreamcast (Japanese: ドリームキャスト Hepburn: Dorīmukyasuto?) is a home video game console released by Sega on November 27, 1998 in Japan, September 9, 1999 in North America, and October 14, 1999 in Europe. It was the first in the sixth generation of video game consoles, preceding Sony's PlayStation 2, Nintendo's GameCube and Microsoft's Xbox. The Dreamcast is Sega's final home console, marking the end of the company's 18 years in the console market.

    In contrast to the expensive hardware of the unsuccessful Sega Saturn, the Dreamcast was designed to reduce costs with "off-the-shelf" components, including a Hitachi SH-4 CPU and an NEC PowerVR2 GPU. Released in Japan to a subdued reception, the Dreamcast enjoyed a successful U.S. launch backed by a large marketing campaign, but interest in the system steadily declined as Sony built hype for the upcoming PlayStation 2. Sales did not meet Sega's expectations despite several price cuts, and the company continued to incur significant financial losses. After a change in leadership, Sega discontinued the Dreamcast on March 31, 2001, withdrawing from the console business and restructuring itself as a third-party publisher. 9.13 million Dreamcast units were sold worldwide.

    Although the Dreamcast had a short lifespan and limited third-party support, reviewers have considered the console ahead of its time. Its library contains many games considered creative and innovative, including Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio and Shenmue, as well as high-quality ports from Sega's NAOMI arcade system board. The Dreamcast was also the first console to include a built-in modem for Internet support and online play.

    Games list / Contents:

    Hyperspin Project - Sega Disk Systems Games Part 2 - Dreamcast

    Hyperspin Project.nfo
    Sega Dreamcast
    ECCO the Dolphin - Defender of the Future v1.000 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(M4)[!].rar
    Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare v1.000 (2001)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)[!].rar
    Shenmue v1.003 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 2 of 4)[!].rar
    Conflict Zone - Modern War Strategy v1.002 (2001)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Sega Marine Fishing v1.001 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Frogger 2 - Swampy's Revenge v1.001 (2000)(Hasbro)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Head_Hunter_PAL_DC-LAILLAS CD1.rar
    Plasma Sword - Nightmare of Bilstein v1.001 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater v1.000 (2000)(Crave)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    GigaWing 2 v1.000 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    NBA 2K v1.008 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Deep Fighter v1.002 (2000)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)[!].rar
    Wacky Races v1.001 (2000)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)(M3)[!].rar
    TimeStalkers v1.002 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Power Stone v1.001 (1999)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Suzuki ALSTARE Extreme Racing v1.000 (1999)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    NFL Blitz 2001 v1.001 (2000)(Midway)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Quake III Arena v0.800 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Soul Fighter v1.000 (1999)(Red Orb)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Soldier of Fortune v1.001 (2001)(Crave)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Rez (J).rar
    Jet Grind Radio v1.005 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike v1.001 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear v1.002 (2000)(Majesco - Red Storm)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Xtreme Sports v1.000 (2000)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Sega GT v1.003 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    House of the Dead 2, The (U).rar
    Evil Dead - Hail to the King v1.002 (2000)(THQ)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX v1.000 (2001)(Activision)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Illbleed v1.002 (2001)(Jaleco)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Grandia II v1.001 (2000)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Draconus - Cult of the Wyrm v1.000 (2000)(Crave)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Re-Volt v1.010 (1999)(Acclaim)(NTSC)(US)[!][1S T-8109N].rar
    MDK 2 v1.100 (2000)(Interplay)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Ms. Pac-Man - Maze Madness v1.000 (2000)(Namco)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Resident Evil - Code Veronica v1.000 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)[!].rar
    Daytona USA v1.004 (2001)(Hasbro - Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Fighting Force 2 v1.000 (1999)(EIDOS)(NTSC)(US)[!][5S T-36801N].rar
    Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour (U).rar
    TrickStyle v1.000 (1999)(Acclaim)(NTSC)(US)[!][2S T-8102N].rar
    NHL 2K v1.000 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Project Justice v1.001 (2001)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Tech Romancer (U).rar
    NFL Blitz 2000 v1.002 (1999)(Midway)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Space Channel 5 v1.000 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Head_Hunter_PAL_DC-LAILLAS CD2.rar
    Roadsters v1.007 (2000)(Titus)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    WWF Attitude v1.010 (1999)(Acclaim)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    NFL 2K v1.007 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!][610-7895-0444 MT B08, MT B13].rar
    Tee Off v1.001 (1999)(Acclaim)(NTSC)(US)[!][3S T-8108N].rar
    Iron Aces v1.000 (2000)(Infogrames - XICAT Interactive)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Sword of the Berserk - Guts' Rage v1.000 (2000)(EIDOS)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Silent Scope v1.000 (2000)(Konami)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    ChuChu Rocket! v1.007 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(en-ja)[!].rar
    Shenmue v1.003 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 3 of 4)[!][2S 51059-3S].rar
    Death Crimson OX v1.001 (2001)(Sammy)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 (U).rar
    Ultimate Fighting Championship v1.001 (2000)(Crave)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 v1.004 (2001)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(M5)[!][2S 51193][req. serial].rar
    Vanishing Point v1.001 (2000)(Acclaim)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    JoJos Bizarre Adventure (E).rar
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 v1.001 (2000)(Activision)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 v1.001 (2000)(Acclaim)(NTSC)(US)[!][1S T-8104N].rar
    AeroWings v1.002 (1999)(Crave)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Shadow Man (U).rar
    D2 v1.000 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 4 of 4)[!].rar
    Sydney 2000 v1.000 (2000)(EIDOS)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Marvel vs. Capcom 2 v1.001 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Razor Freestyle Scooter v1.000 (2001)(Crave)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Bomberman Online v1.004 (2001)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    King of Fighters Evolution, The v1.000 (2000)(Agetec)(NTSC)(US)(M4)[!].rar
    Centipede v1.004 (1999)(Hasbro)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Bangai-O v1.001 (2000)(Crave)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Tokyo Xtreme Racer v1.001 (1999)(Crave)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Vigilante 8 - 2nd Offense v1.000 (1999)(Activision)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Last Blade 2, The - Heart of the Samurai v1.002 (2001)(Agetec)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Flag to Flag v1.000 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Grinch, The v1.001 (2000)(Konami)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat v1.001 (1999)(ASC Games)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    ESPN_ NBA_2Night_USA_DC-SA.rar
    4 Wheel Thunder v1.002 (2000)(Midway)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    ECW Hardcore Revolution v1.001 (2000)(Acclaim)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Crazy Taxi 2 v1.004 (2001)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    GigaWing v1.000 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Looney Tunes Space Race v1.000 (2000)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)(M3)[!].rar
    San Francisco RUSH 2049 v1.001 (2000)(Midway)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    World Series Baseball 2K1 v1.000 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!][5S 51055].rar
    Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX v1.001 (2000)(Acclaim)(NTSC)(US)[!][0K055A T-8120N].rar
    Resident Evil - Code Veronica v1.000 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)[!].rar
    Max Steel - Covert Missions v1.060 (2000)(Mattel)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    WWF Royal Rumble v0.800 (2000)(THQ)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    102 Dalmatians - Puppies to the Rescue v1.001 (2000)(EIDOS)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Rayman 2 - The Great Escape v1.003 (2000)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Ready 2 Rumble Boxing v1.000 (1999)(Midway)(NTSC)(US)[!][9I043B T-9704N].rar
    Gunbird 2 v1.000 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Army Men - Sarge's Heroes (U).rar
    Evolution - The World of Sacred Device v1.290 (1999)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Heavy Metal - Geomatrix v1.001 (2001)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Mars Matrix v1.000 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Skies of Arcadia v1.002 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)[!].rar
    Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare v1.000 (2001)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)[!].rar
    Virtua Fighter 3tb v1.002 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Elemental Gimmick Gear v1.001 (1999)(Vatical)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Charge 'n Blast v1.000 (2000)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Fatal Fury - Mark of the Wolves v0.800 (2001)(Agetec)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Capcom vs. SNK v1.001 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Spec Ops II - Omega Squad v1.008 (2000)(Ripcord)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Virtua Tennis v1.001 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Grand Theft Auto 2 v1.002 (2000)(Rockstar)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Gauntlet Legends v1.003 (2000)(Midway)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Dino Crisis v1.000 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Dynamite Cop! v1.005 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Shenmue v1.003 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 4 of 4)[!][Passport v1.004].rar
    Hydro Thunder v1.020 (1999)(Midway)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Unreal Tournament v1.000 (2001)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Incoming v1.000 (1999)(Interplay)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Expendable v1.000 (1999)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)(M5)[!].rar
    Deep Fighter v1.002 (2000)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)[!].rar
    King of Fighters, The - Dream Match 1999 v1.004 (1999)(SNK)(NTSC)(US)(M4)[!].rar
    Power Stone 2 v1.000 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Sonic Adventure 2 v1.008 (2001)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(M5)[!].rar
    Ring, The - Terror's Realm v1.002 (2000)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Demolition Racer - No Exit v1.002 (2000)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    AeroWings 2 - Airstrike v1.001 (2000)(Crave)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Namco Museum v1.010 (2000)(Namco)(NTSC)(US)[!][compilation].rar
    Skies of Arcadia v1.002 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)[!].rar
    Sonic Shuffle v1.000 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    ESPN International Track & Field v1.001 (2000)(Konami)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Reel Fishing - Wild v1.001 (2001)(Natsume - Victor)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Crazy Taxi v1.004 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!][6S 51035].rar
    Airforce Delta v1.000 (1999)(Konami)(NTSC)(US)[!][1S T-9501NAF].rar
    Star Wars - Episode I - Jedi Power Battles v1.004 (2000)(Lucas Arts)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Test Drive V-Rally v1.001 (2000)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)(M3)[!].rar
    Zombie Revenge v1.001 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Toy Commander (U).rar
    Coaster Works v1.002 (2001)(XICAT Interactive)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Test Drive Le Mans v1.000 (2000)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)(M3)[!].rar
    Virtua Striker 2 v1.002 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(M5)[!].rar
    D2 v1.000 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 1 of 4)[!].rar
    Soul Calibur v1.000 (1999)(Namco)(NTSC)(US)[!][4S T-1401N].rar
    Rippin' Riders Snowboarding v1.001 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver v1.000 (1999)(EIDOS)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Test Drive 6 v1.000 (1999)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Seventh Cross Evolution v1.000 (1999)(UFO)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Toy Story 2 - Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (U).rar
    Super Magnetic Neo v1.001 (2000)(Crave)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    PenPen TriIcelon v1.020 (1999)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Metropolis Street Racer v1.010 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Evolution 2 - Far Off Promise v1.000 (2000)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Sonic Adventure.rar
    Star Wars - Episode I - Racer v1.001 (2000)(Lucas Arts)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Shenmue v1.003 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 1 of 4)[!][1S 51059-1S].rar
    D2 v1.000 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 3 of 4)[!].rar
    Dead or Alive 2 v1.100 (2000)(Tecmo)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    NBA Showtime - NBA on NBC v1.003 (1999)(Midway)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Mr Driller v1.001 (2000)(Namco)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Maken X v1.001 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    D2 v1.000 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(Disc 2 of 4)[!].rar
    Psychic Force 2012 v1.010 (1999)(Taito)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Alien Front Online v1.000 (2001)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Star Wars - Demolition v1.001 (2000)(Lucas Arts)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    MTV Sports - Skateboarding Featuring Andy Macdonald v1.002 (2000)(THQ)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Marvel vs. Capcom - Clash of Super Heroes v1.000 (1999)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Tennis 2K2 v1.003 (2001)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Dinosaur v1.002 (2000)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)(M5)[!].rar
    Industrial Spy - Operation Espionage v1.001 (2000)(UFO)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Cyber Troopers - Virtual On - Oratorio Tangram v1.000 (2000)(Activision)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar
    Slave Zero v1.001 (1999)(Infogrames)(NTSC)(US)[!].rar

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    Parts: 263
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